The MYC Experience

Video by MYC camper Noor Jehan Ansari

The Muslim Youth Camp (MYC) aims to create a Muslim “village,” where our campers become an extended family to each other, appreciating the special qualities and challenges we each experience through every stage of life.

Campers discover how everyone contributes to the community by sharing the joys and difficulties of living together. We combine our efforts to make activities possible and enjoy the group’s accomplishments. We live not in a conference-type atmosphere with full hotel service, but rather, quite literally, a “camp,” sleeping in wood cabins in the wilderness. We spend many hours in the outdoors, including congregational prayers, when everyone can come together in the sincere desire for forgiveness, spiritual renewal, and self-improvement. We share meals with the whole village, sitting with our cabin groups at long tables in a central lodge.

As we hear the call to prayer, little children roam between the forming lines, enjoying the moment, some kids sit anxiously awaiting the sports game that follows prayer, while others walk toward the prayer area deep in conversation, continuing a discussion from class. In the late evening, campers of all ages entertain the MYC family at a nightly campfire under the stars. Their skits, songs, and jokes help create a group camaraderie that builds upon other shared experiences throughout the week, from joint chores to classes to group sports.

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