Muslim Youth Camp 2019

Sunday, August 4th - Saturday, August 10th
Sonoma County, California

Camp Theme for 2019: Planet Earth: Our Sacred Trust

Planet Earth was entrusted to humanity as a gift from God. The Quran often reminds us to see the signs of God in nature. Throughout nature, there is a constant reminder of God's creation, beauty, and peace. As we explore this year's theme (Planet Earth: Our Sacred Trust), we will focus on the multiple ways in which Islam teaches us to be conscientious citizens who cherish the environment.  We will draw connections between the environment, justice, and our responsibility toward humanity in our classes and activities to help further inspire our relationship with God and nature. As we spend a week under the beautiful trees and stars in Northern California, we will study our relationship with nature as a sacred space.  We hope to leave MYC knowing about new ways to reflect in its beauty.

We are aware that Eid al-Adha is likely to take place on Sunday, Aug. 11, but there is a possibility that it will be declared in many communities for Aug. 10. In this case, we anticipate that some campers will depart on Friday afternoon/evening from the campsite. On Friday, we will have a flexible schedule, filled with pre-Eid activities. We will provide updates as we get closer to the start of camp. 

We will also make recommendations about places to observe Eid morning prayers with us on Sunday (or Saturday) in the Bay area!

Weekly Camper Rates


(age 9 or above in cabin group, including Parents/Adults)



(every additional camper age 9 or above, in cabin group)



(ages 5-8 / stays with parent and has own bed/bunk)


PRE-K CAMPER (Parent & Me Program)

(ages 2-4 / stays with parent and has own bed/bunk)



(ages 2-under, shares bed with a parent)

*Any parent who wishes to have a separate bed for their child, may purchase an additional bed for $100.


Campers from different families/households (even if related, i.e. cousins) must register separately. The multi-person discount only applies to members of a common household, not to friends or relatives registering at the same time. If MYC determines a registration error, your account may be updated to create separate registrations as appropriate.

Registration for MYC2019 has ended.

Partial Week Rates
3 Days / 2 Nights for
Adults and Pre-K/Elementary Kids 

(no multi-person discounts)

ADULT CAMPER (Parents/Adults)


ELEMENTARY & PRE-K (age 2-8)


Parents who wish to stay on Friday night to pick up their campers and depart on Saturday morning can use the Partial Week registration and select the Friday only option ($50).

Staff Registration

NOTE: If you are an approved MYC staff member (faculty, counselor, administrative staff), please use the separate Staff Registration button just for yourself. Do not register yourself along with your family under Camper Registration, even if you use your ActiveWorks account to register family members. You do not need to wait to complete your Staff registration in order to register your family. These are two separate registration actions.

Transportation Information

Driving directions to the campsite will be emailed to registered families in early summer. Plan for a 2-hour drive north from the San Francisco Bay area to the campsite near Santa Rosa, CA. If arriving by air, please book your flights to/from the San Francisco Intl. Airport (SFO) in order to make use of MYC's shuttle service. You can to purchase the shuttle ride in ActiveWorks as an add-on to your registration. If you choose to arrive/depart at any other regional airport, you will have to arrange your own transportation to the designated SFO for the shuttle, or directly to the campsite. The MYC shuttle fee is $100/camper (grade 4 and up) and $50/child (age 5-9 Elementary campers), for roundtrip (one-way option available for $50/$25). There is no charge for children under 5.

Discounts and Financial Aid

Multi-camper Discount
When you register more than one camper, each additional camper will receive a $75 discount . For any additional cabin group campers and for Elementary and Pre-K campers, the advertised price will appear higher (i.e. standard rate) at the beginning of the registration process, but will be adjusted at check-out as part of the discounting process.

Financial Assistance

We offer a 50% discount for one camper in an eligible household who needs financial assistance. You should register all campers in the household even if applying for financial assistance for one of the campers, and pay 50% of full fees for all campers at the time of registration. One camper (individual applicant or one within a family group) may be granted financial assistance, pending review of the application by the MYC scholarship committee. If approved, a special coupon code will be provided to apply to your account, which will remove the 50% unpaid balance from one camper's fee. Any additional remaining balance must be paid before the start of camp.

Quraishi Scholarship (full registration waiver)

The Marghoob and Iffat Quraishi Scholarship, named after the founders of MYC, was created to enhance and maintain the diversity of campers at MYC. It provides a 100% registration fee waiver to deserving campers of diverse backgrounds and is open to campers from ages 9-17. Application available soon.

*Deadline is June 30, 2019.

Email scholarship / financial aid applications to

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