Camp Activities

Camp Activities are a great way to meet someone new. So we'll see you soon Inshallah!

Camp Events

Camp Beautification

Iffat Quraishi always emphasized that a Muslim should leave a place in better condition than the condition in which he/she found it. Every year the MYC Family tries to do something special to improve the campsite. One of the many ways we show our appreciation is acknowledging the wonderful staff who cook and clean for us all week long.

Friday Prayers (Jum'ah)

The culmination of our family bonding at MYC is in the Friday congregational prayers. The day truly feels special because everyone feels the shift from our daily routine and sees the suddenly sharp-looking campers dust-free and in ironed clothing! It is a time for reflecting on our week together and how we will extend this special experience into our daily lives.

Qiyam al-Layl

One week in the mountains, coming together in prayer five times a day actually makes you want more. By mid-week, many MYC campers look forward to a special night of extra prayers          (nafl salat) at a night under the stars and the pine trees. Qiyam al-Layl (standing for extended late-night prayers) is a very special and peaceful experience.

Theme Dinners

MYC campers really enjoy the theme dinners, which are a production of the campers own creativity and cooperation. The dinners are held on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Boys work together on one night and girls on another night. The teams are graded on their chosen themes, creativity in their decorations, the quality of the meal, teamwork and table-service. Some themes of previous years include: Saturday Night Live (SNL), The World Cup, Star Wars and, and A Taste of Morocco!

T-Shirt Logo Contest

Each year at MYC, we invite campers to design a logo for the next year’s staff, camper, and kids t-shirts. The winning logos are announced at the end of the week.

Banner Awards

The unique MYC banner has been a coveted prize for over 30 years. Campers who demonstrate an achievement related to the five pillars of Islam get to take home colorful banners calligraphed with the kalima shahada. The MYC banners and their requirements are as follows:

Red Banner

Awarded for reciting the Kalima Shahada in Arabic and in English.

Orange Banner

Awarded for fasting the whole month of Ramadan to campers twelve and older.

Yellow Banner

Awarded for completing seven days of fasting in Ramadan to campers under 12 years of age.

Green Banner

Awarded for having completed reading the Quran in English with commentary.

Light Blue Banner

Awarded for exhibiting how prayer etiquette and how to follow an imam in congregation.

Dark Blue Banner

Awarded for exhibiting how to perform two rakats of prayer.

Light Purple Banner

Awarded for reciting from memory Surahs Al-Fatiha, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, and An-Nas.

Dark Purple Banner

Awarded for reciting seven surahs in Arabic from memory and for knowing the English meanings of five different words in each surah.

Pink Banner

Awarded for memorizing these

ahadith (hadiths)!

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