How to be a counselor at MYC

Please note that the form below contains two sections. In the first section describe your response to the given real-life scenarios. In the second section choose two out of the four essay questions to show us what your goals are in regards to the camp and being a counselor. We advise that you prepare your answers before completing the form. Applicants who take the time to develop their responses tend to have more thoughtful answers. Please submit separate documents for Real-Life Scenarios and Short Essay Questions. 

Real-Life Scenarios
Imagine the following real-life situations and explain how you would respond as a counselor in each of these situations (Attach your answers in a separate document):

1. Some of the members in a cabin have formed a clique. Their demeanor and language gives the impression that they think they are “cooler” than the rest of the cabin members, know their way about the camp, and do not need to follow the rules stipulated in the camp handbook and those communicated by you.

2. One of your counselees tells you that they have a hard time believing in the Islamic articles of faith and that they were forcefully sent to the camp by their parents so that they may salvage their faith.

3. It comes to your attention that a few of your counselees have gone too far in what was supposed to be a harmless prank, but then turned into a retaliation battle among the neighboring cabin. No one seems to take the blame.

Short Essay Questions
Select 2 of the 4 questions below to answer. Don’t forget to add any detail to help us understand your perspective. (Attach your answers in a separate document):

1. What is one takeaway you hope your MYC campers will take from camp this year and how would your counseling contribute to that?

2. The MYC theme this year is “Planet Earth: Our Sacred Trust.” What does this theme mean to you and how would you incorporate it into your counseling?

3. In the middle of a typical camp day counselors and their cabins spend together their free time. Imagine you have one hour of this free time. Describe how you would approach this free time with your counselors.

4. In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good leader?

Note: Applicants must be legal residents of the United States, with rare exceptions. All applicants will undergo a background check if selected to serve at MYC.

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