Each cabin group has two or more counselors (smaller groups may have one counselor). Our counselors are here to help the campers get the most out of their week at MYC and to help them have fun, learn in various ways, and assist them with anything they may need.

MYC seeks to provide young campers with someone they can trust to talk about issues that are important and relevant to them personally.  Campers are encouraged to speak with counselors about anything to help them set goals and take advantage of their unique abilities and pursue their dreams.  Counselors can continue to be a positive influence even after camp ends (through letters, phone, or e-mail).

Post-Graduate Adult Men and Women do not have counselors, but they do have scheduled classes and discussion groups and may participate in general camp activities.

Besides setting a good example for our younger campers, the more engaged the adult campers are in participating in all MYC activities, the more enjoyable they will find their week at MYC.

For further information on being a counselor, Click Here.
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