Campers’ Memories

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Well, now you’ve done it, Omar — you’ve got the Reminiscing ball rolling!
For a great number of us, MYC is, was, and always will be a cherished experience. We made friendships that have lasted decades and always looked forward to that week of meeting new people and sharing many great times together. Many of the Northern California – Southern California ties can be traced to MYC, as this wonderful activity enabled us Bay Area people to realize that the folks down in SoCal weren’t half bad. 😉 It also allowed us to meet Muslims from all over the Western United States and even from international locations, as well.
I have friends whom I first met at MYC who I would not see or correspond with until the next year’s MYC, but with whom I remain close even today. Yes, it truly is an amazing and terrific camp and I cannot more strongly urge those of you who have not had an opportunity to attend to do so this year. (Now if only there was a flight from Bangalore to Angeles Oaks, I’d come myself!)
By the way, how do I know Omar (to whose email I’m responding)? Why, we met at MYC, of course. About 25 years ago, right Omar? I hope many first-timers will get an opportunity to discover the wonderful experience that is MYC.

Athar Siddiqee

As far as myself, I would love to be able to go to MYC, but alas, it seems that fait has different plans. I am in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and my wife, Feda, and my 3 year old daughter, Sarah, and one year old son, Asim, are in Jerusalem. The MYC is something I want for my children. Now that I think about is, I really appreciate my father, year after year, driving us to the MYC. Laila losing her luggage off the top of the car on the way to camp, my mother as the nurse, me as the trouble maker, and the countless friends and experiences I enjoyed.< br />
Please let me know if there is any way I could be at the camp ‘electronically’ for the 40th anniversary. I would really like to say hello to anyone that remembers me. Good luck, and inshaAllah, next year.

Omar Turk