Transportation and Logistics FAQs

What should I bring to camp?

You will get a more detailed list of what to pack with your registration confirmation. Some of these include: a jacket, rugged shoes, swimwear (modest) and a towel, a sleeping bag, a flashlight, a copy of the Qur’an, loose and modest clothing, and for women and girls, a hair covering suitable for prayer.

How do I get to camp?

You will get directions to camp with your registration confirmation. For the safety of our campers we do not put directions on MYC announcements, brochures or website.

I am flying in from out of town. How do I get to camp from the airport?

Most importantly, you must tell us in advance that you would like an airport pickup and dropoff. We will provide a ride to the campsite for MYC campers who book their tickets to the appropriate airport (indicated on the website each year), and register with our Transportation Coordinator. MYC reserves several rooms at a hotel near the closest airport for our out-of-town campers to rest as they wait for one of our volunteer drivers to take them to the campsite. If a camper is unable to get to the hotel from the airport on his/her own, please notify our Transportation Coordinator in advance.

You should book your flight to camp to arrive sometime after 9 AM on Sunday, the first day of camp, and leaving after 9 AM on Saturday, the last day of camp. We will schedule airport pickups to match the flight groupings. Campers arriving between 9 AM and 12 PM will be transported to the camp sometime in the early afternoon. For flights arriving between 12-6 PM, once we have their flight information provided to us, we will inform them a few days in advance about when to expect being picked up. These later arrivals will be transported directly to the camp.

Remember, if you want to use our airport pickup and dropoff service you have to tell us in advance of your flight schedule! We can’t provide service to anyone who hasn’t communicated with the MYC Transportation Coordinator in advance.