What kinds of other kids will be there?

A lot of different kinds of Muslims come to MYC, and they come here from all over the country. Almost all MYC kids are growing up here in America, dealing with the same sorts of questions that you probably have about how to be a Muslim here. But they all come from different sorts of types of backgrounds ­ some have parents who came here from some other country, some don’t. Some go to Muslim schools, some don’t. Muslim families in the United States are all different in the sorts of rules they make for themselves, and at MYC you’ll probably share a cabin with Muslim kids who have a very different life from yours. But that’s one of the things that so great about MYC. At MYC, we like the diversity of campers that gather here, because that is what the whole Muslim world is like ­ a lot of different types of Muslims who follow different practices, but still all thinking of each other as really the same. During the week of camp, MYC campers learn a bit more about the interesting differences between Muslims, why they are the way they are, and how great it can be to figure out how to have friends with all sorts of people, how to respect our differences and still be sure of who we are ourselves.

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