What do the counselors do? How are they selected?

Counseling is one of the most important aspects of the MYC experience. Counselors help keep your child safe in his or her cabin, and they make sure your child gets the most out the many camp activities throughout the week. Most significantly, counselors can serve as role models and mentors, often forging important long-term bonds with your child. It is common to find children looking up to their counselors with admiration and a desire to be like them when they are older.

MYC places great value on the need to provide young Muslims with someone they can trust and talk to, because sometimes it’s not easy to talk to friends or parents about certain issues. Our counselors are willing to listen to them and help guide them, and through them you can get the information you need to help your child mature and develop in a healthy manner.

MYC counselors are all adults (ranging from college-age to parents of teenagers) who are carefully selected based on a formal application, personal references, and past performance. Our counselors receive a counselor-training handbook, including relevant information on child-development, conflict resolution, developing self-esteem and experiences from MYC history. Counselors undergo a day-long orientation and training prior to the camp, and all pledge to respect your child’s and your family’s privacy if the child chooses to discuss any personal issues. During camp, the Counselor Coordinator (in consultation with MYC professional psychological staff) meets with the counselors each day to review important issues emerging during the camp, and monitor the well-being of each camper in their cabin group. When necessary, professional assistance is invoked to resolve important conflicts or individual needs, and parents are brought into an issue where appropriate.

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