I am flying in from out of town. How do I get to camp from the airport?

In 2018, MYC will take place near Oakhurst, CA. The nearest airport is Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FAT). Campers should book flights to arrive sometime between 9 AM – 4 PM on Sunday, the first day of camp, and leave after 9 AM on Saturday, the last day of camp. If you book flights through other airports such as Los Angeles Internation (LAX) or San Francisco International (SFO), you must arrange your own bus or car transportation to FAT. Confirmed staff members should plan to arrive around midday Saturday for the Staff Orientation program prior to the beginning of camp the next day. If your flight dates extend before or after the camp dates, you must make your own local accommodation and transportation arrangements.

We will provide a ride to/from the campsite for MYC campers who book their tickets to the airport indicated above and inform our Transportation Coordinator at least two weeks in advance. We will schedule airport pickups to match the flight groupings. Typically, campers arriving between 9 AM and 12 PM will be transported to the camp sometime in the early afternoon. Later arrivals will be transported to the camp on subsequent shuttle runs.

Remember, if you want to use our airport pickup and dropoff service you have to tell us in advance of your flight schedule! We can’t provide service to anyone who hasn’t communicated with the MYC Transportation Coordinator in advance. This service is only for campers and staff members traveling by plane. Local campers and staff may not use the service as a drop off point for transportation from the airport to the campsite.

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