How is the camp relevant to Muslim children growing up in America?

The MYC staff understands the challenge that all human beings face in today’s world in terms of developing and maintaining a healthy religious sensibility and in conducting oneself in a manner pleasing to God. Young people in particular face many conflicting messages every day, and American Muslim youth must contend with additional factors such as prejudice, complex cultural patterns, and contemporary world politics. Many of MYC’s staff members are parents, and are concerned about the same issues regarding raising upright, responsible Muslims and citizens of the United States. Furthermore, many MYC staff members have grown up in the United States and have grappled with the same issues faced by young American Muslims today. MYC tries to help young Muslims reflect on their own unique purpose, potential, and pathway to adulthood. MYC seeks to enable young Muslims to make good choices about their future in this world and the next.

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