How does MYC handle disciplinary issues?

The MYC staff and counselors try to create a positive atmosphere where all types of personalities can flourish in accordance with MYC policies. We make it clear in our Camp Handbook and verbally that all campers are expected to participate in classes, prayers and meals. Campers are expected to be cooperative with MYC staff in authority and friendly towards everyone. Counselors are those primarily responsible for evaluating and responding to a camper’s behavior. This is done in cooperation with the Counselor Coordinator and, if needed, our staff psychological and medical experts. When a concern grows more serious, MYC implements a shura (consultative) process involving the counselor, Counselor Coordinator, and the Ombudspersons. Campers are warned about any inappropriate behavior and are usually given an opportunity to make amends as needed, usually by giving up a privilege such as sports or campfire. For serious violations or repeated infractions, MYC will contact the camper’s parents to pick up their child, in order to safeguard other campers’ experiences for the remainder of the week.

Only MYC staff may conduct corrective action for violation of camp rules. If an adult camper observes misbehavior, it should be reported to MYC staff who will then take care that the issue is responded to in the most appropriate way

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