Do you teach a particular school of Islamic thought or practice?

No. MYC reinforces the basics of Islam — those aspects of the religion that are common to all Muslims, but we also remain aware of the differences and similarities between Muslims and the unique backgrounds of every camper. Counselors and teachers emphasize the importance of studying the Qur’an and the life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in order to reflect on God’s message for our lives today. MYC also believes that part of becoming a good Muslim is to be exposed to differences and learn how to live respectfully and productively with others. As a result, our staff does our best to accommodate the natural diversity that exists among American Muslims, especially those attending the camp. In learning the prayer, for example, MYC staff tries to match a child to teachers of his/her particular madhhab if possible. In other words, we encourage campers to understand why there are differences among us and value our commonalities.

We also emphasize respect for diversity because it is important to the creation of our “village” environment. MYC seeks to build a social and intellectual environment that inherently appreciates diversity as a blessing from which we can all benefit, thus building a long-lasting and cohesive MYC family.

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