MYC 2015

MYC 2015 was August 3-9, 2015!

The verse:
“Oh humankind, we created you all from a male and a female and made you into different communities and tribes, so that you come to know one another, acknowledging that the most noble among you is the one most aware of God.” (49:13)

The Theme: “…so that you come to know one another.” (49:13)

The Intro:
“You just don’t understand me!” Have you ever felt this way or said these words? Everyone feels this way at some point in life, and sometimes others feel this way about us. At MYC this year, we are inspired by Quran 49:13, a verse in which Allah tells us that God created difference in people “…so that you come to know one another.” We will explore how we know each other –or how we think we know each other. Through discussions, case studies, games and role-plays, we will reflect on this verse and how we can realistically live it.

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