MYC 2012

July 8-14

The Middle Can Get Muddled:
Finding the Muslim Middle (Ummatan Wasatan)

In the Quran, Muslims are described as "ummatan wasatan" a middle/moderate community, so that we can be "witnesses over the people." (Quran 2:143) This message reminds us to focus on being centered, not going to extremes. But how do we know what's in the middle? It's easy to go with the flow of the latest ideas and hottest trends without examining them. Or to be so very sure of what you do and what you think that you end up being extreme to others. All in all, being in the middle can get muddled. It's not always easy to understand how to keep balance in our lives, in our work, in our practice of Islam.

This year's Muslim Youth Camp will use Islamic principles like thoughtfulness and fairness to help us make sense of the world around us and in our personal lives. We will take time to consider a wide scope of human behaviors and ideas, and then we'll emphasize Islamic principles like humility, patience, and justice to learn and practice strategies for living in the middle way. With a week of focus on this topic, and daily practice of its wisdom, we hope that MYC 2012 will give campers of all ages important tools to enable them to chart a path of peace and success in their own lives.

2:143: And thus we have made you a moderate community that you will be witnesses over the people and the Messenger will be a witness over you.

Program Highlights

This is MYC's 51st year. Don't miss it! We will return to our lovely campsite in the Angeles National Forest near the town of Wrightwood. This campsite features a pool, lots of hiking trails, archery, and other activities! Plus, the cabins are great!