MYC 2011

July 16-23

Jama'a (Togetherness)

Remember the last time you played tug of war? Holding onto a rope with a group of people and you could only succeed if you all worked together? This year's camp will explore the meaning of the Quranic metaphor of Muslims holding together to the rope of God, and what that means for each of us, as individuals, and as a community.

Program Highlights

This is the 50th anniversary of the camp, making MYC the longest running Muslim youth camp in the nation. To celebrate this historic milestone, we will feature special activities and programs during the week of camp. This year will be truly special, inshaAllah! Don't miss it! We will return to our lovely campsite in the Angeles National Forest near the town of Wrightwood. This campsite features a pool, lots of hiking trails, archery, and other activities! Plus, the cabins are great!