Board of Directors

Asifa Quraishi-Landes : Chair of the Board of Directors

Asifa Quraishi-Landes

Chair of the Board of Directors

Asifa is a Professor at the University of Wisconsin Law School, where she teachers courses in American constitutional law and Islamic law. She is a 2012 Guggenheim Fellow and a 2009 Carnegie Scholar, recognized in both academic and Muslim community circles for her expertise on Islamic law and comparative legal theory as well as women's rights issues. She holds a doctorate from Harvard Law School and other degrees from Columbia Law School and the University of California (Berkeley and Davis). Asifa has been actively involved with the founding and leadership of a number of organizations, and she is the eldest daughter of Marghoob and Iffat Quraishi, the founders of the Muslim Youth Camp, and has attended every single MYC since she was born! These days, she is joined at MYC by her husband (Matthew Quraishi-Landes), son (Zekky) and daughter (Menna), and new son (Laiq) and she is proud to be part of the team that keeps MYC a vibrant and inspirational part of the American Muslim experience.

Sadiya Muqueeth : Counseling Director

Sadiya Muqueeth

Counseling Director

Sadiya Muqueeth is currently a doctoral student at Harvard School of Public Health. She earned her bachelors in Public Health Studies from Johns Hopkins University and her Masters of Public Health from University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, specializing in community based research and program planning/evaluation.  She is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. Her experience at Muslim Youth Camp (MYC) began in 2006 when Amira recruited her to participate as a camp counselor. She found herself growing spiritually and intellectually in the warm learning atmosphere, the candor around issues faced as Muslim Americans, and its relevance to youth and adults alike. One of her favorite things to do at MYC is to simply spend time connecting with the campers. She also firmly believes that the Harry Potter themed teamwork was the best she’s seen.

Sakeena Mirza : Curriculum Director

Sakeena Mirza

Curriculum Director

Sakeena attended her first MYC when she was about a year old and was a regular camper as a kid throughout the 80s and early nineties. She then returned to MYC as a counselor in college and most recently as a camp parent and teacher. Sakeena is currently working towards a Master's degree in social work and helps run Explore Islam, a Sunday enrichment program for kids in the South Bay area of Southern California. A former Montessori elementary teacher and Cub Scout leader, she is glad to have an opportunity to serve the MYC family, as it was a big part of shaping her Muslim identity growing up.

Baraa Kahf : Administration Director

Baraa Kahf

Administration Director

Baraa Kahf is an intellectual property attorney in Irvine, California. He was born in Indiana but grew up between the Middle East and Orange County. Baraa previously served on the Executive Committee for the Greater Los Angeles Area Chapter of CAIR. He is co-founder of the Muslim Basketball League, a decade-old project of the Muslim Sports and Entertainment Foundation, an organization dedicated to encouraging amateur sports among Muslims of all ages. He holds a Juris Doctor from the University of California, Davis School of Law and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from UC Irvine.

Having grown up in similar camps, Baraa recognizes the value of creating an open and welcoming environment for Muslim youth that fosters brotherhood and sisterhood, all while establishing routines in a child's life that continue beyond the duration of the camp. MYC is precisely such a place, and with two kids of his own, he is keen on their participation throughout their formative years.

Marjon Momand : Marketing Director

Marjon Momand

Marketing Director

Marjon Momand works at The Center for Justice & Accountability, an international human rights organization based in San Francisco. She graduated from UC Berkeley in 2013 with a B.A. in Political Science and Arabic minor, and worked at the American University in Cairo shortly after graduating. Marjon has been attending MYC since she was six years old. She believes this camp provides American Muslims with a unique space for learning about Islam, establishing close bonds with the broader American Muslim community, and discussing current issues facing the community in a nuanced way. This was essential for the development of her own faith and identity, and she would like to ensure that future generations will be able to learn about Islam and themselves in this beautiful environment.

Ammar Ansari : Finance Director

Ammar Ansari

Finance Director

Ammar has been active in community and Islamic work since his early years. As a youth, he established high school Muslim Student Association chapters, city wide Friday prayer services, and led a variety of youth group activities.  Ammar co-founded Muslim Support Group, an educational non-profit organization that hosted retreats and classes on Muslim literacy and American-Islamic understanding.  In 2013, he founded Muslim Outdoor Camping and Hiking Association (MOCHA), a non-profit that promotes nature-centered hikes and activities for the Houston Muslim community.  Ammar teaches Sunday School classes to high school students at the Woodlands Islamic Center and also serves as an Assistant Scout Master to the local Boy Scouts Association (Christ Church United Methodist Troop 889) in the Woodlands, TX.  Ammar has a bachelor's of science in economics from the University of Houston and received a master's degree in economics from the American University in Washington, D.C.  Professionally, Ammar is a Market Risk Manager of commodities trading in Houston.   Ammar began attending MYC in 2011 and has made a commitment to his wife and three children to make it an annual family outing, inshaAllah.


Sulayman Dehlawi : Program Director

Sulayman Dehlawi

Program Director

At MYC I've had many roles to play. Ranging from one of the camp babies to camper to camp counselor. More recently I've become minorly involved with the MYC executive committee. I've also have been the Junior High boys counselor for five years along with my co- counselor, Malek Al Marayati.

What I would like to contribute is to continue making camp a fun and safe environment for the campers. I want to continue making camp a place in which kids look forward to going. I want them to feel as if camp is family to them just as I had when I was a camper.